Can Probiotics Help Diminish Fat?

Bacteria has a very bad reputation for causing different kinds of diseases, some of them are deadly. So the thought of putting more bacteria in your body literally sounds preposterous.

Not many people know that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, and good bacteria is important to staying fit and healthy. There are many studies proving that good bacteria – probiotics, can help prevent diseases and even treat illnesses.

Probiotics are famously eaten in many regions of Europe, and Asia due to their tradition of eating foods that are fermented. Examples of those are yogurt, kimchi and many other beverages in Japan.

In America, the enthusiasm for eating fermented food is not there yet, but the interest of including probiotics through supplements is on the rise. Digestive specialists and physicians recommend probiotic supplements to treat frustrating disorders like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

In fact studies dating from the 1990s prove that you can treat several gastrointestinal problems using probiotics alone. Indeed children exposed to probiotics are less prone to allergies, obesity, infections and minor diseases like cough and colds.

There are about 100 trillion bacteria from 500 different species so giving yourself some dose of bacteria is not that outlandish at all. Your digestive system already has its own flora of bacteria.

Usually, conditions arise when there is an imbalance of healthy bacteria in your gut. By maintaining that balance through the use of probiotics, you prevent so many diseases, promote proper nutrient absorption and efficient digestion.

Probiotics are also a good therapy and treatment for diarrhea. There are controlled studies done to prove that species like Lactobacilli shortens the course of diarrhea among children, even infants. Children taking antibiotics are likely to experience diarrhea due to the exposure of the medicine to the gut’s natural flora. Giving probiotics to your kids when they are on the course of antibiotics will prevent them to have an upset stomach. This goes the same for the adults who have sensitive digestive system.

It has also been proven that probiotics prevent Crohn’s Diseases. There are also collective studies proving that taking probiotics when you have ulcerative colitis can help maintain its remission and even the recurrence of pouchitis (complication from treating ulcerative colitis).

Probiotics decidedly have many health benefits, and an additional one if to fight against weight and fat building. Because they help having a cleaner and healthier digestion, this leads to losing weight more efficiently when one is tryign to reduce his body fat.

Women can also benefit more with probiotic supplements compared to men as it also maintains a good urogenital health. Just as the gut, the vaginal tract has its own balanced flora. But this balanced flora can be thrown out due to a number of internal and external factors – like birth control pills, spermicides, and antibiotics. Probiotics also help restore this balance to promote a healthy vaginal health. This prevents yeast infections, vaginosis and UTI.

Taking probiotics is safe and they present many advantageous factors to the people using them. However, if you have an impaired immune function, seeking a physician’s advice is best. As many supplements contain different kinds and amounts of bacteria, only a physician can safely identify the mixture for you.

Most probiotics sold here in the United States are in the form of dietary supplements which do not undergo testing and approval. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to make sure that the products they sell are in good quality before it is marketed and the claims printed on the label are true.

Health benefits are strain-specific and if you’re looking for probiotic treatments, one product may not work for you due to the kind of strains they contain. The best thing to do before purchasing probiotics to treat certain conditions is to seek a physician’s advice. Always let your primary care provider know what you are taking so that you won’t be misguided.